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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Potty Talk...weird?

*NOTE* There may be unnecessary descriptive potty talk.  Go back if you do not wish to read further.

It's seems really weird if you're talking about your kids poop stories to random people.  Although it's usually with other women, not necessarily other Moms.  I never really stop to think that some people may not want to hear about it.  Talking Potty Talk seems second nature to me.  In fact, it's what we were taught when J was born. 

The nurses were very diligent on educating us on what we saw and what to expect.  We kept a log on their white board that was hung on the wall in our room.  It seemed so silly to be reporting on poop and pee times and frequencies.  But it has been ingrained in my brain and now it seems it's all I think about! 

J saves his poops for daycare... thank you buddy! :)  Unless it's the weekend, we are blessed to wipe his mess.  It actually seems weird that I rarely see a poopy diaper during the weekday.  At the same time, it's reassuring to see he's regular and has a routine. 

I have no problems discussing my kids poop to anyone who is willing to show an interest.  In fact, I think it's slightly hilarious how my husband and I share stories.  I swear he'd make it a competition if I let him.

Who had to change the poopier diaper? 
Who lucked out and got away with a pebble or two? 
Who's turn is it next to change him?

Potty Talk is something I'm trying to establish with my kid.  Since he's become fascinated with the potty, we let him sit on it before bath time every night.  He may sit there a few seconds or a few minutes.  He never goes, but we make it our routine.  He still ends up peeing in the sink when he's having his teeth brushed, or in the tub during his bath.  But I take that opportunity to try and explain that someday he will go pee-pee on the potty.  He looks at me and asks "Pah"?  Yes, Potty... someday that is where you will go. 

I'm fascinated with Potty Talk, only because I'm a Mom.  It's not like I talked about this prior to having my kid.  So I'm curious... do you find yourself gravitating towards conversations regarding potty talk?

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