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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have you stand on the counter in the bathroom and look in the mirror while I brush your hair.  You have crazy bed head and need to wet most of your hair to tame it down.  We talk about school and I ask you who will be there. 


Oh yes the babies might be there today!  Who else?


Owen might be there too, yes. 

A few minutes later we arrive at school and I can see your friends peeking out the windows.  They're already yelling your name and you are still in the car.  You don't even know they're calling you.

As I unbuckle you from the seat I tell you Owen was in the window saying HI.  You're so excited and try to see him too.  I can't get you out of the car fast enough.  I set you down on the driveway and you shuffle around to the house.  Owen's face is smothered into the screen of the kitchen window.  He's shouting your name over and over again.  You have the biggest smile on your face and you run closer to yell back.  EEahh!  It comes out like 'toddler-talk' and you run back to me with glee. 

We make our way to the steps that lead up to the door.  You slide down a few times and say Whoa!  I can hear the kids inside repeating whoa...whoa... , they wait with anticipation by the door as you climb up the stairs. 

I open the screen door and see it will be a quiet day since there are only two of your friends there.  The kids are there smiling and saying HI to you.  You're still younger than them so you don't say anything back but stare at them.  I say it for you:  Hi Faith!  Hi Owen!  They're so excited they don't even realize they're not allowing us into the house.  They dance around in stocking feet and check out your clothes. 

We squeeze on through the doorway and you sit on the small chair by the shoe rack.  I remove your bright neon colored Nike shoes, zippered Pooh sweatshirt, and Red Sox hat.  The kids see you have a puppy on your t-shirt.  We talk about the puppy.  Then we talk about the shoes on the shoe rack. We talk about who's shoes they belong to.  The conversation becomes a cycle until we've reached round three.

I hand you your breakfast and give you a smooch and squeeze.  You follow the kids into the kitchen and Miss Amanda takes you to your seat for breakfast.

"Byeeee" We wave to each other and I say bye to your friends and wish you all a good day. 

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