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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Etsy Mugs

I love unique, rustic, large-handled, comforting mugs.  I love looking at them, admiring them, and determining if I'd drink coffee, tea, or cocoa out of the mug. 

This mug screams coffee to me... rich, bold, dark coffee.  I love the scrolling details in the handle too. 

I would love to sip hot tea from this mug.  And look at that LARGE handle!  I can almost see myself sitting on my sofa, wrapped in a blanket, and resting my hand through that handle and wrapping my fingers around the mug...

This set is adorable!  They hold about 1 cup.  Perferct to use for tea as a side beverage.  I would use this type of cup during my mid-morning snack.  (Yes I have mid-morning snacks!)

This mug looks so dainty, but it holds 20 ounces.  This would be my I'd-like-to-be-on-vacation-right-now mug.

This is just a silly mug!  This would be the perfect mug to keep at work.  The seller makes these for righty or lefty's too and even has all kinds of animals too.

I'm not one for designs of my mugs but this mug of trees is interesting.  The handle is inviting and I can see this mug being used for rich hot cocoa during the cooler season.

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