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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Butter me up!

J's doctor called me today to discuss his blood work from last Friday.  She was thrilled to see how 'extremely healthy' he was.  I was happy that we could go on living and eating normally. 

As for his weight, she figures that since our last weight check last month, he probably had an off month due to his ear infection.  So I'm keeping my fingers crossed we do better over the next 6 weeks for our next weight check appt.

So we'll need to add more butter to his plate.  She recommended putting butter on as much foods as possible.  Anything bread or vegetables.  She actually had to say, "Except for the fruits of course."  I laughed and wondered why she really thought she needed to explain that to me?  I know I'm blond, but come on lady!

I knew in my heart that J was okay, but I have more reassurance with the test results.

Now I'm off to the market to buy that stick of butter!

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