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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vanilla Oatmeal Bar

I've been using a vanilla oatmeal bar of soap for a couple of weeks and the aroma is very sweet and calming.  It's just enough to perk up my senses in the morning while my eyes still haven't focused on my day.  I'm left with my skin feeling refreshed and cleansed.  We've had a few harsh winter days where my skin has felt extra dry in the evenings, so I'm not sure if this soap best fits my needs right now.  But I do enjoy the scent so much that I'm dedicating myself to not only finishing the bar but also so I can see the long term benefits.  So far, I am not disappointed! 

The soap lathers rather quickly and has a creamy lather with large bubbles.  The oats in the bar provide enough exfoliation for my sensitive skin.  It actually felt really good against the dry patches on my arms.  As I rinsed the soap off, I did not feel squeaky clean but my skin felt nourished and hydrated.

Sweet Grass Farm is local for me and was able to find their product in the Heath Food Center.  It was actually cheaper to buy the soap in the store than it was to order it online.  I'd be interested in purchasing other products from Sweet Grass and may stock up on a few different bars of soap depending on the season.

On my Bubble scale of 1 to 5, I'd give this Vanilla Oatmeal soap 4.5 Bubbles.

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