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Friday, February 26, 2010

The day is mine...

and I can't decide what to do.

There was a crazy storm last night.  We had 50-80 mile winds last night and I'm really surprised we still have a roof.  The night was long and all 3.5 of us (1/2=cat) were up for the majority of the night as we listened to the winds howl through the screens.  The winds were so strong the windows sounded like they were going to pop out.  Sometimes we'd even hear something banging on our roof.  We have no trees in our yard so it had to be debris from our neighborhood.  Our sons swing set and our grill even had to be taken inside because they somehow moved across our yard.

This morning we assessed the damages and to our surprise we didn't see what we had expected.  Our shingles were still on our roof, but we had many shingles in our yard.  There was a litter box in our driveway, empty from litter but filled with water.  Part of our porch also needs some extra nails and screws, but other than that, we didn't float away like I thought we did. 

Despite the long night we all had, we relunctantly got up, showered, dressed, and left the house to start the day.  My husband was going in a few hours late so J & I said goodbye and loaded into the car.  I should also mention the weather this morning was gorgeous!  There was a beautiful glow and the air feels like spring.  It's like our Earth had been given an exfoliation scrub and we've been cleansed.  So as J & I drove out of the neighborhood and down the road, we really got to see what kind of damage was out in the world. 

There are so many trees and branches down in the roads.  The local news station is reporting which roads are closed by town.  Some roads have been floaded while others have live wires down and roads are blocked off.  We did lose power last night around 10:30pm but it came back on around 4:30am.  Luckily the roads I take to daycare were all open and I was able to arrive at daycare on time.  After saying goodbye to J, I headed to work.  Except when I got to work I noticed the parking lot was empty. 

I've been working in the same office since 2004 and I've never seen the doors close, for any reason.  But today, they were because they had no power.  No power?  I actually thought this was a joke or thought that I had my days mixed and it was really Sunday.  But no, there were a couple of people in the parking lot to let people, like me, know there really is no work today.  Seriously.

So this day is mine.  What do I do?  J is in daycare.  My husband is at work.  The weather is actually very pleasant and I could easily see myself getting out for a walk and enjoying the fresh air.  But I'm exhausted.  I spent most of my night awake and to be honest, I haven't done that since J was a newborn.  So then I started to think about what I could accomplish inside the house.  Between scrubbing the kitchen and doing MY laundry, that could easily take me all day to do.  But sitting on my couch under a blanket reading a book and enjoying a cup of Southern Pecan coffee sound much more inviting.  When do I even have time to do something like that?  I can clean and do laundry any time.  But to have the house to myself and nowhere to go??  I don't think I can miss this opportunity.

So thank you for letting me think this out, because I was honestly sitting here feeling guilty about the fact that I should do something.  But resting and doing something for me is just as important.

The day is mine, and I think I'll take advantage of that.

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