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Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunny days, sweeping the... clouds away...

We made the decision to plan our vacation!  This will be our first vacation as a family.  We've done sleep overs and weekends away, but this time: It's the real thing.  The only difference in our trip this time is that we're not flying anywhere and we're staying local. 

We picked a week in June because it's before the crazy summer, touristy times, and also my husband can actually take some time off from work.  I'm sure he'll still have voice messages on his cell phone though.  Either way, we're packing our bags and jumping in the car and doing the local thing. 

So far, we've agreed on staying in the mountains the first half of our week, taking a train ride and going to a kiddie park for J.  The last half we'll spend by the ocean, play in the sand, jump some waves, and check out the local zoo.  Weather permiting of course.  All of this is close to an hour away from our home, and it will be a long enough drive that J won't go crazy and scream at us.

Since we're not flying anywhere, we're happy to spend the extra cash and reserve a family style suite in each destination.  I'm hoping this allows some space that we'll need and not feel so squished.  This will be the first true test for my husband and I.  How will we hold up by the end of the week?  Usually our vacations are very relaxing, but since having J, my husbands neurotic tendencies drive me crazy.  I always see his frustration and stress creep up and things usually feel like we're walking on a tight rope.  I hope that by staying local we can work out any traveling kinks that we may have because traveling is something we really enjoy doing.  Taking J and all of his 101 accessories will be a puzzle but I'm sure once we find our system, everything will flow as if it was second nature.

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  1. That sounds like a great idea. I think it definitely helps to have family-style accomodations when traveling with kids. It really makes a huge difference.



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