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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mr Tax Man

It's that time of year again... gotta file those taxes.

We've had our fair share of being audited, thanks to my husbands line of work they like to question everything.  But hopefully this year, it will be different.

Since we've owned our house (over 2 years now), our short term goals in how we spend our time and money have changed.  Before we became parents, we rented an apartment and took multiple vacations a year.  Oh the life we had.  Then we bought a house and things changed. 

Our priorities shifted and we spend our time and money a lot differently.  I don't mind this change but I do miss the opportunities of traveling whenever we wanted.  Then we had a baby.

A baby changes so much, but not much at all.  We are still the same people we were when we got married, except now, our lives have expanded.  Every decision we make is based on how it will affect our family in the future.  I always knew this happened but never genuinely understood it.  But I guess we started thinking this way even before our son was a glimmer in our eyes.  We bought our house primarily for raising a family in a neighborhood that had many little children and parents who were friends for many years.  It really feels like Wysteria Lane sometimes. 

This past year we made some home improvements and also while having owned the home for a full year plus having a baby puts us into a different tax bracket. 

SO Mr Tax Man.  I say this to you:  Bring it on!

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  1. I really don't look forward to this time of year because of taxes. Sounds like you definitely should have your things in order. Hope this year it all works out!



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