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Sunday, February 7, 2010


We introduced J to coloring when he was around 12 months old.  Even though his interest only lasted a few minutes, I found it a fun activity to do with him.  He seemed to hold the crayons well, for his age.

J is 14 months and he has become obsessed with coloring.  Obsessed!  We used to keep the crayons and coloring books on our hutch, above his little arms reach.  Then we had to move it on top of the refrigerator.  He sees and knows these items live there.  We now have to keep them in a closet because he would hover around the crayons and yell for them and babble his mumbles at me with anxiety. 

Today we played with the crayons and colored.  Well, my husband and I colored, but J just likes to play with the crayons.  Sometimes he'll attempt to color.  We encourage him and try to help him with coloring.  He is stubborn though, and likes to do things on his own.  "OKAY"  I say and let him do what he wants, to some degree. 

We try to make a rule that the crayons need to stay where the coloring book is but he still attempts to walk around with the crayons.  We also make a point to let him pick 2 crayons to use at a time.  Usually he picks the same colors, green and orange.  Today he picks yellow and white.  (WHITE)  He's actually coloring with the white crayon and me being me, tries to explain why he can't see the crayon on the paper.  I try to strike a deal and trade a crayon for his white, but he whines and fusses and pouts that I'm taking his crayon away.  So we sit there and he colors with a white crayon. 

His coloring is only a few swipes of the crayon, but he spends the majority of his time looking at all the crayons. 

He loves them lined up, and how they look in the box. 

Always trying to get a taste...

Using those eyes to convince me he wasn't doing anything wrong

But after a half hour of doing this, I turn it into the 'clean up' game.  He usually loves this, but not when it comes to putting the crayons away.  Unfortunately he comes close to tears when we're done coloring.

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