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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the little explorer

We've had a few mild days lately and have taken J out in the yard to explore.  He hasn't seen much of it over the past few months so everything seems new again.  J has a hard time walking on our driveway as there is a slight incline and his little legs end up going into overdrive and he can't stop.  I keep imagining him falling flat on his face because he is still too young to realize he needs to put his arms out when he falls down.

So the other day I had J on top step leading into our house and he ended up tripping on the mat that is kept outside.  His face met with the doorway and ended up getting multiple cuts on his lip.  It was the first time we experienced a (minor) bloody lip.  He had a fat lip for most of the day.  He wasn't too happy about the ice I had for his lip but he let me put it on him from time to time.

It's been a few days and his lip is starting to look normal again.  We ventured out into the yard and while he was playing on his slide, he learned he could climb the rock wall leading up to the top of the slide.  He was SO proud of himself he was glowing, or maybe that was due to the brisk air.  Either way, he couldn't get enough of playing in the back yard and running on the winterized grass.

His lip looks a little better here

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