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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Out to Lunch

Today I chose to have lunch a small market/deli store.  There were a few tables inside (4-5) and of course there was one empty.  The market was very busy so I decided to keep it simple and order a soup and pasta salad.  I didn't have any crazy scenerios as I did last month.  So I sat there and people watched.

Car repair guys, nurses, business men, and women who looked like they were running errands were coming in and ordering their food and leaving.  The patrons that dined in the market were busy socializing and finishing off their lunches with Kettle Brand chips.

A half hour later I got in my car and drove around to relax and think about nothing.  I usually keep the radio on low and let me thoughts leave my brain and enjoy the hum of the car and the background noise of the music.  The roads here have many frost heaves and some of them were so brutal I actually thought I popped a tire.  The air was cool but dry and refreshing enough that I cracked my windows and let in the ocean air.  Driving around the bay has it's perks but I can't always drive along the waters edge.  So I spent some time down by the local marina.  I found out they have a new restaurant and will probably check it out once the weather gets warmer and I can sit outside for a picnic during my lunch break.  All the boats were out of the water and wrapped and stowed away for the winter months.  I wish I had my camera with me because seeing them all lined up looking very majestic seemed magical. 

Today's lunch really helped rebalance my soul.

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