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Friday, April 16, 2010

Closet Cleansing

I spent over an hour in my linen closet last night and could not believe the sort of stuff I have collected over the years.  A lot of what I have has been collecting even before we moved into our house in 2007.  I was horrified at the reality of digging in, but once I started, it was clear I couldn't turn back.

Yes, this is from one person (me).  My husband has his own bathroom upstairs.

I emptied the whole closet out and realized I didn't have much room to work in the bathroom.

So I started utilizing the hallway where I could categorize the things I was going to toss (anything that had an expiration date) and things I plan on donating or save for a yard sale (items I never used or barely used). 

I bought some extra storage baskets from the local craft store (all baskets 50% off!).  I was shocked at some of the items we have double of: dayquil, deorderant, travel tooth brush holders, travel size toiletry bags, and baby powder.  How did I manage to collect so much stuff?  Oh and the basket on the floor will be for more toilet paper, I didn't realize we were almost out. 

When I was getting ready for work this morning it felt nice to be able to work with my new linen closet.  I've organized the baskets based on skin care, body lotions, make up (I usually just wear blush but have some for the occasional special night out) & brushes, and the two large baskets are storage for things I don't use every day.  The items on the door are most items you may find in a medicine cabinet.  Since my bathroom mirror is just a mirror, this storage area on the door needed some reorganization.

I'm starting to get the spring cleaning bug.  I'm actually looking forward to cleaning out my personal closet and fourteen drawer bureau!

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