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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Waste Less Wednesday - with a Triscuit

Happy Wednesday!

I first heard about this idea from Ellen DeGeneres a few weeks ago.  I have been busy trying to grow my own herbs from seeds but have had no luck. 

Triscuit has established a way for you to grow basil or dill by planting their cracker.  You can find the seeds in specially marked boxes of Triscuit.  I haven't been on the search for my Triscuit box but I'm curious to see how many have tried this project.

Their Home Farming site will even help you determine what gardening is appropriate for your home environment.  Their chart has actually given me some hope and patience for my small herb garden. 

If I come across the Triscuit box that has their packet of herbs included, I will make sure to give this method a chance in our home too.

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