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Monday, April 19, 2010

We went to the farm and this is what we saw

Jenness Farm opens their farm to the public a few times a year.   This past weekend was one of their open houses and despite the rainy weather we made our way to the farm to visit the animals and stock up on some goat milk soap.  I've used the farms goatmeal soap and I was excited to see their other scents.

The farm itself is quite small.  Perfect for those little people who want an intimate experience visiting with the farm animals.  We first visited the animals that were outside.  There were goats, baby goats, pigs, colts, and turkeys. 

Our first stop was with the baby goats, there were three of them and they were so excited to have some company.  They pranced out from their outdoor goat house and trekked through the wet grass and met us at the fence.  They were eager to say hi and hopefully find some snacks.  We didn't have the food but we said hi and gave them a few pats on their heads.  Their fur coats were so silky soft and their little mouths lapped our fingers with delight.

There were three pigs in the pen playing in the mud.  Stinky mud.  We kept our hands away from the fence as their was a sign mentioning the pigs may bite.  This was fine because I had no interest petting the muddy pigs.  One of them did come over to us a stick his brown wet snout through the fence and gave us a sniff-snort-sniff, then walked away.  I guess he had no interest in us either. 

The goats were plentiful, inside and outside.  One of the goats is an Arapawa goat (there are approximately 300 left in the world).  They were playing, romping, tumbling, and standing on hind legs to see all the visitors.  There was quite a crowd and we all managed to fit into the barn to say hi to the goats and turkeys.  Some of the turkeys were caged to the ceiling.  Others were free to roam the barn and walk outside.  I was amazed at how well J was with this large (quite frightful) creatures.  I was a little intimidated when they were gobble and prance around the barn stalls.  Considering they could have taken my son down to the ground, I was a little hesitant at how close he got to them.  But we were reassured by the owner that they were very friendly, but very loud.  And loud they were.

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