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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Local Working Mums meet-up

It was $2 taco night at Agave, a new Mexican restaurant in town.  I was excited but nervous to meet new friends, I always feel a lump in the pit of my belly when I'm driving to these meet-ups, but the second I sat down with the group I knew the night would go well.

There were eight of us, five went to the previous meet-up but we didn't have the chance to mingle because there were sixteen at the table and it was hard to meet everyone.  So last night was more intimate and the restaurant wasn't crowded.  In fact, we were the only table sitting upstairs at the bar. 

Drinks were ordered and the chatter was light.  There were the usual rounds of introductions and a chance to let everyone know some information about ourselves.  The group was small enough that we went around the table to talk.  It was interesting to see how other mothers viewed their job.  Was it just a job or was it a career?  How did they balance daycare and work, or did they have a nanny?  Did they work from home or go to the office part time? 

Our connection was simple.  We were all Mums that were employed.  Our children may be of different ages, but we all faced the same dilemmas every day.  Morning routines, dinner, bath time, bed time, and how to make it work so everyone is happy.  Even more importantly, struggling to keep our jobs during this difficult recession.  It was nice to be able to share our concerns with each other because we quickly realized we all thought we were in this boat alone.  It's refreshing actually because nobody really tells you what life will be like once you become a parent.  Or tell you how to juggle a career and motherhood.  Multitasking is underrated, in my opinion.

My son is 17 months old and I thought I would have it together by now.  But what I thought I would have control over, that memory of what I thought my life should look like, just isn't the reality.  The memory I had was one that I envisioned prior to becoming a parent, and how it would be once I became a parent.  My vision has changed, a lot.  For the better.  But now I need to re prioritize my life.

Sometimes I forget the things I wanted to accomplish for myself.  I had this expectation of what I wanted to do, where I wanted to be at a certain point in my life.  I've learned that things happen for a reason.  Actually, I've always known this, but it's the unexpected things that leave you hanging.  It makes me sit back and say: really? 

Last night was refreshing, encouraging, and yet I felt envious of these other Mums.  I think about these other individuals today while I'm tucked inside my cubicle and feel confident we'll be able to soothe our daily concerns just by knowing we have a support system in each other.

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  1. $2 tacos? Yum!

    Also, I think it's great that you went and that it went well. I find it nerve-wracking to do stuff like that, too, but it does get easier with practice. And I'm almost always richly rewarded for making the effort. It sounds like you were, too.



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