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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just taste it

Taste it with your tongue.

That's what I tell my 16 month old son when he's looking at food that's on his plate and he hasn't had before. 

Sometimes he has no problems trying new foods.  Just this past Saturday we enjoyed some fresh blackberries together.  He didn't hesitate with the berries as he popped the first one into his mouth.  He wasn't sure about the texture, but after some encouraging words he was (I think) swallowing them whole.  I couldn't keep up with him and at one point I thought he was eating them faster than me.

Then there are foods that he doesn't even dare touch with his finger.  It's funny how some foods are like that with him.  What exactly is his perception of the food? 

When he was younger I would feed J anything from a baby food jar.  We weren't limited on what J could eat, so I gave him everything, and he enjoyed 99% of what I fed him.  Since he's been feeding himself, things have chnaged a little.  I try not to stress about it because I know he's not going to starve, but it's still a frustrating situation.  I have a hard time enjoying my meal if he's just sitting there watching me.

Last night he had an apple and cheese for dinner.  We made scrambled eggs and waffles, an attempt to keep things light since we're still getting back to eating normal since our crazy week last week.  J was eating scrambled eggs without a problem for a while, but for a couple of months now, he has decided he doesn't like them now.  So last night I didn't stress and let him eat what he wanted, and it was an apple and cheese.

I do wonder how others have handled their kids when they're picky eaters?  I wouldn't necessarily say my son is picky because there are times when he'll eat something and another day he won't eat that food again.  That's the part that frustrates me.

J loves peas.  
I asked him to show me how he tastes his food.  Ironically he was intrigued in the small photo shoot and played along.

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