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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Waste Less Wednesday - Use what you have

Happy Wednesday! 

All day yesterday I thought it was Wednesday so I'm thrill to know it finally IS Wednesday.

As much as I want to change my lifestyle to living more green and organic, I have to take a look at what I currently own and try to use what I have first. 

My pantry has a stock pile of products based on the sales my grocery store has had over the past few months.  Example:  pasta and sauce.  I need to put a stop to spending money on items I currently own.  Granted, I would be buying organic foods, however it does not make sense to waste the food we have in the pantry.  I could always donate my stock pile, but I'm not a millionaire and cannot afford to start from scratch.

Skin care products are also a list of things I need to clean out in my linen closet.  I'm sure there are some old products in there but I need to take some time and sort those items out.  How many times have I purchased something thinking it was the answer to my problems.  Then only to find out it didn't work and there it sits in my linen closet.  I should probably return the product but I have a hard time returning things.  Even clothing, it's just something I have a hard time doing. 

So is it smart to hold off on buying organic or green until you use what you already own?  In some cases, maybe it is.  As part of my spring cleaning I intend on taking inventory on what I own and if there are things I will never use then I should either toss them or set up a box to donate.

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