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Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm not a weeble, and I do fall down

Warning:  This post is strictly to whine and moan about the pain I'm in.

Ouch!  (I'm being polite)

I was trying to be careful.  I was trying to be quiet. 

I left my coffee in my 17 month old sons room and it wasn't until he fell asleep for an unusual morning nap that I realized I needed to sneak back into his room. 

My husband told me to make a fresh cup.  I could get it later.

But it was my Southern Pecan coffee.  And it was still warm.

I needed to get it.

I waited a good LONG five minutes until I knew J was asleep.  Then I made my move. 

The plan was simple:
  1. Get in. 
  2. Grab the coffee.  
  3. Get out.
Simple right?  Well, that part was.  What I didn't take into consideration was the stairs leading back to the living room.  They creek and I was still trying to be quiet.  Tip toeing down the stairs.  In slippers.  I've done this before, plenty of times.  So I never gave it a thought of doing it wrong.  But I did.  I tip toed right off one of the stairs and tumbled down the last 5 steps.  My coffee mug, still warm, stayed in my hand.  But the coffee went with the flow and splashed all over the wall and stairs. 

My husband was in the computer room and immediately heard the tumble.  He thought it was our son taking a leap of faith.  Nope.  Instead it was just me.  And all he could say was:  I thought we discussed this and you'd make another cup?  All I could do was laugh at the moment because I felt ridiculous, and then cry because I felt ridiculous, and I was in pain.  I think I bounced three times, my butt to my waist, to my neck.  They all hit the stairs. 

I DID manage to save some of my coffee though, AND it was still warm.

My husband helped me clean the wall while I mopped up the stairs.  I needed to change my clothes (I guess it was time to get dressed anyways).  It wasn't until late last night that I realized how much coffee had spilled on me.  Our bedroom smelled like pecans.  I could have had a candle burning, it was that strong.

I should have known better.  Today I'm regretting the decision I made yesterday.  I think I would need to take a handful of aspirin to make my body stop aching.  Or maybe a steamy bath in a claw foot tub.  Oh I wish I had one of those right about now...

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