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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My little dirt devil

We spent most of our weekend outdoors.  Despite the wind, J wanted to be outside.  Until the wind blew so hard he was knocked over and cried in fear of what was happening to him. 

It was nice to see him up and running, playing in the sand and tossing pebbles down the drain in front of our house.  My husband spent the weekend pulling out some overgrown bushes so I spent my time entertaining our son.  Although he didn't need much of it, so I basically following him around as he trotted throughout our yard and neighborhood making sure he didn't get into any trouble. 

J quickly became the boy who loved to play with dirt.  He would run this hands through the sand pile that collects on the side of the road near the drain.  It was dry of course, and he would let the sand sieve through his hands and over his legs.  I sat in silence and watched him play this way for a while, discovering the soft cool sand and sprinkling a handful over his pants.  It was a moment I had with him where I never wanted him to grow up; please stay small and lets cherish these days forever.

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