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Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring is still blooming here

I thought my tullips vanished.  Last year at this time they bloomed with the daffodills.  This year, well... they just bloomed this week.  I honestly thought they dug themselves out and walked away.  HA! 

My mailbox with some spring flowers. 
J is also standing next to my car waiting for me to follow him to the back yard. 
Every night when we go home, he wants to play on his slide.

When we moved into our home on November 13th 2007, we didn't realize we inherited a yard full of sprouting flowers throughout the spring and summer.  It's very pretty but I'm horrified to admit I don't have the best green thumb in the neighborhood.

There used to be a bush behind these flowers.

I have no idea what these purple flowers are called.  Do you?  They run the length of the front of my house, near the edging our a small-flat rock wall.  We recently took out a couple of bushes so I think a lot of the bulbs were shifted around.  It will be interesting to see what survived come July.

J loves flowers and always does nice.  My only concern is these purple flowers attract giant, fluffy bumble bees.  Not the kind that are out to attack you, because you can sit with them and they're only interested in the flowers.  J however may think the bumble bee is something cute and I can already see him trying to pick one up.  Oh the day that happens will not be pretty.

Not a bumble bee... but a piece of the purple flower.

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  1. The purple flowers are called grape Hyacynth.



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