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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby it's hot outside...

Right Now:
Partly Cloudy
82° F
Feels Like: 82° F
Humidity: 49%
Wind: From SSE at 8mph

This was the weather Monday afternoon.  Today is supposed to be warmer.  So, so warm.  I love this weather.  To some, it may feel too humid.  For me?  OOOH I love it.  I could spend the day outside most of the day.  It's partly cloudy, in fact there's barely a cloud in the sky this week. 

These are my feet, and please excuse the lack of polish. 
I'm kind of on a no-polish-strike.
I work in a cubie all day and I wore my flip flops. 
My pants look longer than they really are.

I spent my day toddling around downtown and had lunch outside.  After ordering a flatbread sandwich I made my way to pick up my ice coffee and sat outside and people watched.  I wasn't particularly dressed for the outing, but nonetheless, I soaked up my vitamin D for the afternoon.
My ice coffee (I like it black) didn't stay iced very long.  The ice was already melted when I was only halfway finished.  I have been using Badger sunscreen. I'm kind of a fan. As much as I like the typical sunscreen smell, I don't really like smelling like coconuts when I'm not at the beach. This Badger sunscreen, yes SPF 15, when applied may leave a faint pale color. This does blend in once the cream has been absorbed. Bonus: safe for kids too!

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