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Monday, May 24, 2010

twinkle twinkle, you're my little star

You twitch and then you fidget.  But you are comfy.  Your favorite blanket has become a pretzel around your legs.  I un-crumple it and cover you again.  Your skin feels cool, but you're not cold. 

I check in on you a couple of times.  I can't stop watching you sleep.  Your face twitches and you lick your lips.  Your mouth is dry from breathing through your nose.  You turn the other way and you become still again.

It's a warm night.  The window fan is on high.  I hear the chirps of crickets and ribbits of frogs.  The occasional airplane flies overhead and drowns out the night peepers.  I hear you quietly breathing.

Your features are different in the dark, by night light.  Sweet dreams silly putty.

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