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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Coconut Oil

Have you tried coconut oil?  It's not just for cooking.  You can use it on your skin or hair too.  Depending on your skin type of course.  I used coconut oil on my skin a few months ago.  I didn't leave it on, but rather applied it to my face and let it sit for a few seconds, then took a warm wash cloth and wiped my skin clean.  I did this for a few days because I had weird dry patches on my skin.  The coconut oil cleared it up!  (This was also true when I applied the coconut oil on my arms.  I had small bumpy things that always appear during the winter months.)

I've also used the same coconut oil in cooking.  Particularly when I cook chicken on the stovetop, I use coconut oil instead of butter/spray.  I cover the chicken and cook as usual.  The chicken comes out perfect!  The heating properties in the coconut oil hold well with cooking.

There are two types of coconut oil:  Refined or Unrefined.  The difference?  One has all the nutrients in it and smells coconutty.  The other has been stripped of any impurities, as well as any good nutrients, but sometimes this form is better for cooking.  Read the labels before buying and make sure you buy the unrefined.  Some will also tell you the oil is virgin or extra virgin.  There is no such thing as extra virgin, this is a marketing tool to try and get you to pay more.

There are also so many health benefits to eating coconut oil.  You can read the list here

Coconut oil is primarily used from a solid state.  Unless the room temperature is too warm (or once the oil touches your skin), the oil will turn to liquid.  But the oil can be substituted whenever butter is used.  I've even used coconut oil on a bagel! 

Typically I store my coconut oil in my linen closet... until dinner time... it ends up back in my kitchen cabinet.

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