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Friday, May 7, 2010

I went for an oil change and of course there were more issues...

Every time I use the breaks my steering wheel would shake.  Not all the time, maybe 80% of the time.  It's been this way for... oh... maybe 4 months now.  But I think rotating my tires would take care of the problem.  What did I know? 

Apparently not a whole lot.

Two hours!

That's the amount of time I sat in the waiting room at the dealerships Service department.  I suppose going to the dealership was my first mistake.  But they had sent me a coupon.  Save $5 off an oil and filter change.  Hook, line, sinker. 

They got me.

But I knew I had a problem.  I just didn't know how bad my problem was.

Two rotors, the ball joint boots are cracked, alignment is off, oh and I have a nail in my tire.  Don't forget the oil change with $5 coupon!  And I added a request that they fix my rear windshield wiper since the rubber wiper was missing.  But I do get a free car wash!  (Which is MUCH needed this time of the year here in NH!)

I saw the estimate, 2 hours later.  And it was going to take at least another 2 hours for them to finish everything.  I wish I knew a mechanic, a friend or my husband.  But I don't.  And I have zero sense about what is REALLY needed and what isn't.  But I do know I need my car safe since I do all the driving to and from daycare with J.

I left the dealership in a rental car.  It's a Chevy Colbalt.  Oh how I feel like I'm back in high school by driving this small car.  Although in high school I drove a Ford Taurus, which is a little bigger than the Colbalt.  Needless to say, I felt like I was younger driving a smaller car.  Thankfully the dealership is paying for this rental, despite my credit card being held for any incidences, and yes I declined their rental insurance agreement.  My commute was only 5 miles and I (knock on wood) don't see myself in an accident anytime soon.

Of course I'm not looking forward to seeing the final bill.  I'm expecting to see (gulp) $800, hopefully less.

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