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Friday, May 14, 2010

Blue Eyes

Back and forth, we rock together.  The chair creeks and you're snuggling in my arms.  You're a little chilly from the bath but enjoy warming up in your blue blanket that I've wrapped around your shoulders and back.  You drink some milk, then find your ga-ga.  You offer me your ga-ga but you're being silly because you know Mummy doesn't use ga-ga's.  You shake your head 'no' and giggle. 

Back and forth, we rock together.  We're rocking slowly, very gently.  Just enough that we barely feel the rock but it melds our bodies together.  You've cocooned in your blanket.  My arms are wrapped around you.  You ask me to sing Row Row, so I do.  I sing the song a few times. 

Back and forth, we rock together.  You're very relaxed, not fidgety, like you usually are.  It has brought back memories of you as a newborn.  Your body is relaxed and we're both enjoying the moment.  I'm afraid to breath, I may break the moment.  Our moment.

Back and forth, we rock together.  Your eyes are wide and pupils are dilated.  I can see my reflection in them.  Your eyes look glassy but I know your sleepy.  You barely blink while you stare back at me, in my eyes.  Our eyes are the same shade.  Blue-grey eyes never looked so beautiful until I saw them on you.  Those eyes take hold of my heart, my soul.  I cannot blink. 

Back and forth, we rock together.  We've been silent for almost three minutes, your eyes still wide.  Calmly, you take your ga-ga out of your mouth and softly ask "Row Row".  How can I refuse his request.  I sing so softly, it's like a lullaby.  We rock to the beat of the song.  It's like we're in a boat and we're drifting off to sea very slowly.  I can almost hear the water lapping against the side of our boat.

Back and forth, we rock together.  This will be a moment I will treasure forever.

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  1. What a sweet moment beautifully captured here.



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