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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Update on my funk...

The incredible weather today (80 and sunny) has lifted my spirits.  Add that to a 30 minute walk made me realize I want to start running again.  Okay, who am I fooling... but I do enjoy jogging.  I should really attempt this as some sort of personal goal, right?  I'm no longer breast feeding, so technically, I have zero excuses.  I know I could have jogged during my breast feeding months, but really?  Nah, it just wouldn't do any good. 

Today's walk felt healing.  Empowering.  I wanted to keep walking for the rest of the day.  But my cave of an office was calling me back. 

Before going back to the grind, I made a point to stop for some hearty spinach and chicken soup, cheesy garlic bread, and locally made creamy orange soda.  And may I say: YUM!  I honestly wish I had my camera to take a picture because for $6.95, I had found my heaven this afternoon lunch.

I sat outside at a table with umbrella and hardly noticed how windy it was going to be.  Maybe it was because I was at the table alone, but I honestly thought I had to lay on the table to keep it grounded.  For some reason it felt very symbolic while sitting there clinging to an iron table in hopes my soup and glass bottled soda wouldn't come crashing down.  My day was just perking up and I would do anything to keep that from ending anytime soon. 

Windows down, sun roof open, warm air breezing through my hair.  I'm reminded there are 30 days to go until I'm on V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N.

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  1. It's amazing what a walk can do, isn't it? I'm glad you found some empowerment, and your heaven over lunch.



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