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Monday, May 24, 2010

Balloon Heaven

If I could choose what my heaven could look like, I'd like it to be filled with balloons.  So many that when I walked, the balloons would be pushed aside with my steps.  They'd float up, then down.  They'd be red, blue, yellow, white, purple, orange, and green. 

I'd have a heaven of balloons and they'd be mine to keep.  They would never deflate.  My heaven of balloons would be magical and extrodinare.  They'd make me feel so happy inside.  I wouldn't be able to imagine more happiness.

I believe this is what my kid experienced this weekend.  He had a heaven of balloons.  The stage was full of everything he could imagine.  LOTS of balloons!  Balloons can make him giggle and smile from ear to ear. 

If I had a heaven to choose, it would be a room full of balloons.

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