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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stuck in a funk.

My mind is mush.  My mind is blank.  I'm in a funk.

There is usually something on my mind, the smallest detail.  But today, there is nothing in there.  The more I try to focus, the more empty I feel.

I took yesterday off from work.  J stayed home from daycare.  We had the day to ourselves.  The weather was gross, too rainy to think about going outside.

It was a mental health day.  We both needed it so much.  But it has left me feeling blah.  It's 9:15am and I have barely finished a cup of tea.  My first cup!  Usually I've started my third cup by now.

So today, I'm here, in my cubie at work.  I wonder.  Not about anything particular.  Well, yes, I guess I do.  I wonder how soon my day can end so I can go home with my silly putty.

5:00pm is just too far away.

I hope to get out during the lunch hour and take a much needed walk.  Maybe I'll feel refreshed and ready to move forward.  Maybe not? 

Do you ever have days like this?  What helps you get out of your funk? 

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