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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Daylight Saving Time... we need to go back!

I'm having a hard time adjusting to the Daylight Saving Time.  I just cannot wake up this week.  Usually I'm able to wake up on my own by 6am and in the shower by 6:30.  I'm dressed and in the kitchen by 7 to pack lunches and snacks.  7:30 we're putting on our coats and walking out the door. 

This week... not so much.

This week I'm waking up startled by my husband asking me if I'm getting up or not.  In a panic I check the clock.  It's 6:45!  Well, I suppose I should get up.  Before I can even comprehend what day it is, I'm in the shower letting the warm sprinkles from the shower splash my face.  Ok.  I guess I'm awake now.  (I usually like to lay in bed until I'm awake which is why I would lay in bed for almost 30 minutes.  But that was last week).

I do appreciate the ride with J in the mornings.  Last week, the sun would be glaring in his eyes and he'd be whining most of the ride.  This week, the sun is a little higher and not in his face as often.  The rides home after 5pm are a little different though.  That sun IS in his eyes now.  I guess we won't win.  Or he needs to learn to squint.  We have sunglasses for him from last summer, but they're too small now.  So we'll see how the sun hat goes.  At least he can put that on by himself.

I do like having brighter days on my ride home after work.  It actually relaxes me more during my drive.  The dark, cold, winter nights were so gloomy.  I felt like I was rushing home to eat a quick dinner and spend a few minutes with J before bed time.

This week, not so much.

J is refusing to go to bed.  He doesn't cry or whine.  He just tells us No when we ask him if he's ready for a bath.  He typically is excited and says, Yah!  So we've been letting him stay up a few minute longer.  All he's asking is for us to read him a book one more time.  Yet we've already read him the same book 10 times in a row.  My little book worm is learning that the books will be there tomorrow and we can read them again then.

Yes, my weekday mornings had more of a routine last week, before we changed our clocks.  I'm not one to hold a routine and I only try to maintain one for the sanity of my kid.  He has become a creature of habit and hopefully my lag won't affect him this week.  I'm truely grateful that he's still sleeping till 7, even during the new hours.  So even thought I miss the hour we had last week.  I am looking forward to the brighter, sunnier days ahead.

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