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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thinking spring... Thinking Easter

I came across this toy on the FAO Shwartz site and thought it was just too cute for any active little toddler.  (Mine included).  He absolutely loves pushing anything around the house including pants, back scratchers, toy vacuums, popcorn popper... anything! 

Despite the alarming price for this adorable toy, I found out this is eco-friendly and made by WonderworldWonderworld uses only Water-based paint for our wooden toys so to minimize: child exposure to chemicals, a health factor use of underground fossil fuel, reducing CO2 emission, industry refinery reducing CO2 emission and chemical waste release to the environment. Wonderworld as a strong advocate of protecting the environment, insists on using only rubber-wood that is of replenishable source and widely accepted throughout the world as the environment-friendly material. Wonderworld strictly uses only non-toxic color and laquer constituent for all our products. This not only contributes to the safety proposition for children but also demonstrates our determined commitement to mother earth.

Eco House

The site looks fairly new and if you're looking for a price, they suggest calling.  The company is in Thailand so if you're looking to buy locally made products, this may not be a good option. 

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