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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I no poo too

Okay, it's been a week doing the no poo method on my hair.  I have to say I am very pleased with the results.  I've read countless online articles and blogs about the no poo method.  It seems this can work for just about any hair type, unless you recently had your hair dyed you may need to tweek the method.

I haven't dyed my hair in over a year.  In fact, when I recently cut my hair I chopped off most of the dyed portions.  My hair isn't considerably oily, in fact I think it was due to some shampoos and conditioners that I used that made my scalp oily, which only made me wash my hair more frequently.

Since going no poo, yes it's only been a week, but I can already tell I don't need to wash my hair every day.  I could probably go every 3-4 days until I notice my hair just needs a wash to clean up.  And even then, my scalp isn't oily and doesn't appear to be unkept.  I chose to wash at day 3 or 4 because the texture of my hair needed some maintenance.  I still like to use the ACV rinse on the tips of my hair every day because I do blow dry my hair in the mornings before leaving for work. 

I have been debating about ditching the baby shampoos for my son and start the no poo method for him.  I barely wash his hair now.  It's only when he has smeared food on his head that I feel he's due for a washing, and using the baking soda would be perfect for just that.

The other thing that I like about not shampooing is that I feel my time in the shower has cut in half, or more.  When I used traditional shampoos & conditioners, I would sometimes use too much and I'd be in the shower trying to rinse my hair for what seemed like 10 minutes.  Granted, it felt great massaging my scalp under the warm water, but knowing I'm not wasting as much water say something about the no poo method.

I do encourage everyone to give this a try, even for a day.  After a little research to find out which method is appropriate for your hair type, I can guarantee your hair will feel lighter (as well as your wallet).


  1. At the suggestion of my hairdresser a few years ago, I quit washing my hair every day and went to once or twice a week. Now I keep reading about ditching the shampoo altogether and I must say I'm intrigued! Maybe I'll start. Thanks for visiting my blog! :)

  2. I am definitely intrigued. I can usually go 1-3 days without a hair washing. I never thought to try this.



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