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Friday, March 5, 2010

Show Mummy your teeth!

If I ask J to smile, he doesn't know what I'm talking about.  But to ask him where his teeth are, that's a different story.  He'll show those pearly whites to me every single time.  It's like he's proud of them, as though he found them somewhere like burried treasure. 

Showing off those teeth

J's been teething again.  It seems like we have a short period where he has no drool and I take a big sigh of relief.  For now.  Teething is so torturous for my little man.  He is always developing a fever of some kind along with a very runny nose.  We're constantly running around wiping his face with a tissue.  He has come to learn about these tissues and now likes to help us (him) out by wiping his nose all by himself.  What a big boy!

But those teeth, they really are something magical because they put this huge grin on J's face.  It's just too cute for words and he knows it.  So yesterday morning we had a mini photo shoot in our kitchen.  He insisted on flashing those teeth at the camera, despite the crazy double flash that was in his face.

The first picture and he was really posing for this.

Oh the light is starting to bother him but he's determined to show his teeth

Now he's just being goofy

'Alright Ma... I think this is enough'

'Really, we can stop now'

Yup, even with me he just can't keep those eyes open.  I really need to figure out how to use my camera!

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