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Friday, March 5, 2010

Out to Lunch---March

I went out to lunch today, by myself and sat in a local cafe with a sandwich and cup of coffee.  The corner table by the window was available so I sat there: Me, Myself, and I.  The cafe wasn't too crowded, but there was enough foot traffic coming for a cup of joe and others walking on the sidewalk while peeking in through the windows.

I wasn't there long, but it was long enough for me to feel like I had a moi moment.  I wish I had a magazine to thumb through but it was equally pleasant to just sit there and look out the window.  There were kids in the next room who would toddle out into the main entry way and look around, look at me and stop to just stare.  With my mouth full of sandwich, I would smile at the young girl and her little brother.  But I think they wanted to hop up to my table because it was elevated from the floor they were on.  But they were pleasant and turned and paraded through the cafe while their Mum tossed their garbage from lunch and collected their belongings.  The whole time I was missing J and wish I didn't have to be at work today.  But it's Friday so I spent most of my time at the cafe wondering what fun plans we could accomplish this weekend.  The weather is supposed to be extremely spring-like so I hope to make it to a local playground.

My week in general has left me feeling exhausted.  I need to schedule more 'me' moments throughout the week.  There are a few things I enjoy doing that help me escape from my routine, even if it's for 15 minutes.  I think every Mum needs to schedule their time and make sure it's a task that can be completed. 

Lately I've been enjoying my book and read a chapter or two.  Sometimes at night I'll try and read an hour to have my fill.  I think back and wonder how I managed to read an hour and have it only feel like 15 minutes?  Lately, it's been easy to do.  Another thing that helps me relax and feel restored is coloring.  I have done this even before my son was born, so it sounds silly to realize how long I have done this, but for me it has helped me feel grounded. 

I wish I could climb these trees and read a book

Suzanne at the Mother Huddle also wrote about similar experiences that have helped reconnect her soul.  I think sometimes we forget how important it really is to remember who we are as a person.  My patience has run thin this week and I'm exhausted.  This week, I have forgotten who I am and what ingredients make me. 

Next time, I'll need to keep some bread crumbs with me so I can find my way back.

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