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Monday, March 29, 2010

A fat and happy weekend

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.  My husband and I went away for a night and had a blast.  Freeport Maine has an overwhelming amount of shops.  From boutiques, chain stores, and the LL Bean Flagship Store, we had plenty to do.  But we were really looking forward to the dinner we had planned at the Inn.

The Harraseeket Inn served tea at 4:00 along with some afternoon snacks.  We tried to make it back in time but instead was able to grab a cup of tea before they cleared the table and prepare for the dinner rush.  I use 'rush' lightly because at the Inn it feels like you're stepping back in time.  Customer service is to the extreme, the front door is opened for you, the front desk spends well over 10 minutes with you explaining what to expect while you're staying there, where you can find all you amenities, and oh yeah--did we have any questions?  It was all a bit much for us, but I guess we weren't used to the hospitality they offered.

Champagne, fruit, with cheese and crackers were waiting for us in our room.  There were also flowers in a vase for me to take home, which I just remembered we forgot them.  The hotel is part of the Green Hotel Association and they take it very seriously.  From electricity to soaps to the food, everything was taken into consideration when going green.  I found it odd their bar of soap had the center removed because most bars of soap are not completely used and are thrown out.  So the soap company had eliminated that from their soaps which turned the bar into a ring. 

We had a four course dinner.  (The restaurant purchases their food from all local farmers and is organic)  Let me just say, I was fat and happy that night.  I started out with the Roasted Tomato and Vegetable soup with chive mascarpone.  YUM!  My husband got the Harraseeket Inn Lobster Stew, double YUM!  Next, I had Mirabel Farm's Butter Leaf salad with crumbled Maytag bleu cheese, crispy bacon and champagne vinaigrette.  My husband ate the Mussels and Cockles, sauteed Bang Island mussels and littlenecks, white wine shallot butter finished with houes smoked bacon.  He ate that so fast I don't remember him finishing it.  Entrees: I had the Butternut Squash Risotto with toasted pumpkin seeds, sage, asiago, garden vegetables.  SOOO good, my mouth is still watering just thinking about it.  My husband devoured the Filet Mignon with duchess potatoes, Maytag bleu cheese, oyster mushrooms and a demi glace.  Three down, one more course to go!  Desert:  We both ordered specialty coffee, I had the Italian Coffee, he had the Nutty Irish Man.  Both coffees were served with whipped cream on the side and a chocolate-chocolate chip biscotti.  (That's not desert)  But we enjoyed that while we wait for our desert.  I had homemade blueberry pie and homemade vanilla ice cream.  I can't even remember what my husband had, it was something chocolaty and in a layered cake, kind of like a tiramisu but not that.  He loved it though. 

We rolled our way back to our room and had to plop ourselves to lay down.  I was so full it was awkward.  And it was then that I remember we had breakfast being served in our room by 8am!  YIKES... more food??? 

Believe it or not, I was ready for it.  I was more than ready, in fact, I was up and dressed by 7:15am!  I don't even do that at home.  But the meal arrived as planned and boy did they not let us down.  We each had an omelet, I had the veggie omelet, he had the lobster and cheddar omelet.  Bacon and home fries, strawberries, toast, butter, jam, coffee, orange juice, water, champagne... oh MY!  We were definitely in heaven with that breakfast. 

Shortly after we finished eating we checked out to go back home.  We could not wait to see our silly putty.  He had spent the weekend with his Nana and Grandpa ("Bumpa") and I'm sure they were looking forward to us coming home too.  Neither my husband nor I could think about food but we ordered lunch anyways and brought it home for my birthday lunch with my parents.  Lunch, a few presents, and yes some cake too, we had more than our share of a fun-food-filled weekend.

To make my weekend even more enjoyable, my silly putty is now calling me Mama  :)  He always knew my name but was always shy about saying it.  Why is that?  Anyways, I guess we stopped making it a huge deal for him to say it, and now he's saying Mama.  :) 

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