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Monday, March 15, 2010

My baby is growing up

My husband and I took J to get his hair cut.  Officially.  His hair was such a mop, I could not finagle a quick "snip-snip" like I used to.  He was constantly wiping his hair out of his eyes, he would get so frustrated with the length he would start to whine.  I hadn't thought much about what to do with his hair.  So when the stylist ask me what I wanted for him?  All I could think about was something that would get his hair out of his eyes and away from his ears. 

Both J & I wore smocks, he wasn't too impressed but did it anyways.  After a little spritz of water to his hair (which he did not like), the stylist started snipping away.

I tried to talk to J about what was going to happen.  We sat at home and I explained he was going to get his hair cut by someone else.  Snip snip snip is the sound I made and used my fingers to look like scissors across his forehead.  He thought that was the funniest thing and tried to mimic me.

But when we were there in the salon, it was a different story.   He cried, in the beginning, but was a trooper and sat on my lap during the whole time.  At the end of our visit, he was happy to be done, and to have no more hair in his eyes.

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