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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Waste Less Wednesday

It's trash day in my neighborhood and I'd like to admit right now, we don't recycle everything we should.  We have certain guidelines that the city requires the tax payers to do to their recycling items before they'll agree to remove them from your hands.

All trash must be in the appropriate city trash bags, otherwise they won't be picked up.  We buy these bags at our local grocery store, and they're not so cheap either!

Cardboard has to be bundled with rope/tape, or put in a seperate bin.  If they are tied in bundles, the dimensions should not exceed 2'x2', and they need to be kept dry.

Mixed paper must be in a brown paper bag or bundled and placed next to recycling bin.  Mixed paper includes newspapers, phone books, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, glossy paper, envelopes, office paper, paperboard (cereal boxes, etc), paper egg cartons, juice boxes.  All of this needs to be seperate from the recycling bin.

Freon tags are needed for larger appliances and there is a cost for these tags.  Bulky tags are also available for a small fee.

So I wondered, what other resources are being used to help cut down on recycling issues?

Waste Less Living is a business that creates compostable tableware made out of sugar, corn, wheat, rice, bamboo, sustainably harvested trees or PCW paper.  Not only are they supporting a healthier world, their expectations hope to help eliminate global warming and deforestation.
I encourage you to research other options the next time you're planning to host a party or function.  I know for my local community Farmer's Markets, they are currently eliminating all paper products and will only allow compostable items.

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