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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We've sprung into Spring!

I'm still thinking about the amazing weather we had this past Saturday.  I'm not sure how high the temperature reached, but in our neighborhood it was windy, but fantastic.  And knowing the next few days were going to be cold, raw, and wet, we decided to take advantage of what Mother Nature had brought to us.

After cleaning out some of the flower beds in our front gardens, we noticed there were many spring blooms in process.  J was very interested in playing with the flowers but was quickly learning he needed to do nice to the buds.  Thanks to the previous owners of our home, our yard sprouts all sorts of flowers throughout the warmer months.

I took this before we uncovered all the dried leaves and grass

For the rest of the day we played in the yard discovering rocks and sticks.  We were even able to play with some of the kids in the neighborhood.  J even skipped his afternoon nap because he was having way too much fun being a boy and eating rocks.  :)

In our front yard

Under our back porch

Sticks and stones

Enjoying the life of a 16 month old...

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