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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Venting to reflect

I found out yesterday that J has a double ear infection.  He has been teething for a while and his 7th tooth cut through on Friday.  But since then he has lost his appetite.  I stayed home with him over the past two days and finally took him to see the doctor.  He was so lethargic on Sunday, he could barely pick up his head.  With a 104.3 temp we knew we weren't going out, despite the very mild weather, we spent the sunny day indoors and cuddled.

There were moments when J would be hungry and want to poke through his cabinet.  Yes, we have a cabinet designated for all of his snacks.  I helped him up on the counter so he could pick what he wanted, but when it came to actually eating something, he got mad. 

He would stand in the kitchen and scream.  Not a playful scream.  He had tears and the screams were meant for pain.  I cannot imagine what he was feeling like but his expression was painful to watch.  All I could do was give him some Mummy hugs and hope he wasn't mad at me for the way he was feeling.

So when I found out he had a double ear infection, along with 3 teeth cutting any day, the poor child needed help.  As soon as I got his medicine I gave him a dose.  We had a small bite to eat for lunch and he was off to take an early afternoon nap.  He slept for almost 3 hours and when he woke up he actually look rested.  He was still grumpy but I could tell the antibiotics were already working.

The doctor had asked me if I could tell if he had an ear infection.  "Doesn't he pull on his ears?"  No.  He sort of pokes at them but he likes to acknowledge his ears from time to time as a game so it didn't occur to me that he could have been pulling at them. 

This morning we had to wake J up and he was still a little groggy when my husband was putting on his shoes.  J slept soundly throughout the whole night and we even got a good nights rest.  I was pleasantly surprised to see J acting like his silly self again.  I missed my silly putty.  He still has moments where he cannot communicate with me and will just scream.  It seems that he has discovered how screaming can relieve a lot of different emotions that he is unable to communicate.  But he also is known for walking around the house giggling. 

It's been a long weekend for me, a whole 4 days with a kid who has a bad head ache.  I'm back at work today and it's only been a few hours but I miss him like crazy.  Through all the bad moments we had, the ones I remember the most are when we colored (cah-cah), read books (boog), and made play-doh.

My silly putty

Being a big boy and mixing the play-doh


One of our happier moments from our long day

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