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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Waste Less Wednesday: Hotel Style

Happy Wednesday!

With the week half over I'm looking forward to the weekend.  My husband and I will be going away for a night.  My parents will spend the weekend with J and I'm sure will be exhausted and ready for a vacation by the time we come home.

We'll be heading east to Freeport Maine, approximately 2 hours from our house.  Freeport Maine is known for the L.L. Bean Flagship Store.  When I tell people where we're going, they ask: You mean L.L. Bean-Freeport?  There are over a hundred outlet shops in Freeport.  Sounds like a shopaholics mecca, right?  It kind of is, and L.L. Bean is sort of the hub of the shopping buzz since it's open 24/7. 

My husband chose the accomodations based on location.  The Harraseeket Inn is actaully walking distance to the outlets, which is the main reason we're going to Freeport.  The Inn is also known for their main dining room restaurant and tavern.  Everything on their menu is purchased locally in Maine.  If it doesn't come from Maine, they don't offer it.  The Harraseeket Inn is also part of the Green Hotel Association.  You may have heard of it, or not.  I hadn't, but after looking into it I realized there are hundreds of hotels that are members.

So if you're planning a vacation somewhere and want to make sure your money is supporting a greener world, make sure you check out who is a member before booking your next getaway. 

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