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Thursday, March 25, 2010

A night out for working Moms (WoMo)

Don't forget, I have plans tonight. 

That's what I told my husband as a reminder.  Plans?  I never go out.  I enjoy my home-time sitting on the couch and watching a couple of shows before bed.  Sometimes I'll savour a late night snack of chocolate chip ice cream.  If you see me eating that after 8, you know I'm splurging!  :)

So tonight I have different plans.  A group of local working mothers are planning on meeting up after the kids go to sleep.  It won't be a long night out since we all have to wake up and get ready for work in the morning.  This group is the first of it's kind for the local Seacoast Mother's Association (SMA).  Most mother groups are with SAHM and their babies.  I joined the SMA group when my son was a few months old and had  hoped that we'd go to some playdates.  But the playdates all take place during the day while I'm at work and J's at daycare. 

Tonight there is an approximate head count of 25 working mothers.  I was shocked when I heard about the final count.  The last thing I read was there'd be about 9 of us.  I'm intrigued to see what the crowd will be like.  Will I click with any of the other mother's?  I am nervous and excited at the same time.  I've been looking forward to the opportunity to meet other working Mom's and the possibility of starting friendships with those who have kids close to my sons age.

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