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Monday, March 1, 2010

Working GREEN

March has arrived and I am inspired to think green grass and blue skies.  Maybe if I drink enough green tea it will help speed up this crazy winter we've had.  Spring has to be around the corner, despite our crazy hurricane/tornado-like storm the other day, the days must get warmer soon.  Right?

Speaking of green... things just aint easy being green.

CNN had an interesting article today and made me wonder why there is such a lack of green careers?  There are plenty of choices we can do in our homes but what about being a part of those companies that strive for a better... cleaner earth?

I guess the best answer anyone can provide is: volunteer.  Don't quit your day job, just yet. 

The Global Volunteer Network (GVN) provides many different paths for volunteering in a field that is of interest to you.  Or maybe you had more interest in making a difference in another country?  The GVN can help with that, for you, and for others.

Green Job Spider or Green Jobs Network are other places to search for a green career.  But it appears the listings aren't quite as long as sites like  A little more digging may be required to find the green job of your choice, but it also may be easier to create your own career.  What do you have to offer to other people, and what does your community need to help advocate greener choices?  Again, more research but if it means you have a more fulfilling career for yourself, when you are able to give back to the local community it becomes a career in itself.

Unfortunately for me, I cannot afford to volunteer full time since I have a young family and bills to pay.  I will do what I can and support our local businesses and greener choices.

So I'm curious, do you or someone you know have a career being green?

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