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Friday, March 12, 2010

Green Oil

I'm due for an inspection on my car this month and I usually get an oil change done at the same time.  I happened to stumble upon a green motor oil that is slowly making it's way to automobiles.  I found some online reviews and consumers mentioned they got better mileage from their car when using the green oil.

Green Earth Technologies has developed this oil that is environmentally safe, made with American grown base oils, biodegradable, and did I mention made in the US?

Yes this oil is biodegradable but won't biodegrade in your car.  If it leaks, you won't be panicking when your pets trample through the puddles.

I'm not very car savvy so I won't go into the specific details with the oil or other products they sell.  But I will say they are available in many stores already.  Why haven't they been marketing this product better, I have no idea.  But if this product works well in smaller devices and has been tested on the race track, then it shouldn't be long before we see more advertisements.

I'm not sure how the price of this oil compares to the competitors, but I would imagine it isn't cheap.  But I'm willing to give it a try if it means I save on mileage for my car.  That alone will help me.  And my wallet for gas.

Has anyone heard of or used this product?  I'm interested in hearing about it!

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