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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pancakes from scratch

Weekend mornings we have the time to make a big, fun breakfast.  Lately it has consisted of whatever frozen waffle or pancake we have in the freezer, quick scrambled eggs with cheese, baked turkey bacon, and toast.  J was never a huge fan of the froze waffles or pancakes so I decided I needed to try a different route. 

I found a recipe from Amy over at New Nostalgia and gave it a go.  Not only did I have most of the ingredients, but it was really easy to prepare.  The only thing I needed to buy was the buttermilk and the whole what flour.  (My husband kind of cringed when he saw me putting the whole what flour in the carriage)  The recipe did yield more than enough for our family and I was able to freeze a half dozen for another time. 

I originally set my griddle on for 350 degree's but found the pancakes were cooking faster than I had anticpated so the first batch turn out a little darker than I had hoped.  I turned it down to 300 and I was able to finish the batch with better results.  I lathered butter and syrup on the pancake I served to J and after looking it over a few moments, he was interested in giving it a try.  He actually couldn't finish the single pancake but I was fine with that since he wasn't a fan of pancakes before.  I was impressed with the results and will continue to make these savory buttermilk pancakes in the future.


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