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Friday, March 12, 2010


We introduced Winnie the Pooh to J the first time he slept in his bassinet, which was pretty much his first day home.  We didn't have a mobile because our bassinet was the pack 'n play.  So to give him something to look at while laying in bed, we pretty much shoved Pooh bear in his face.  Those two little beaty eyes would stare back and protect him all night long. 

About 7 weeks old and napping with Pooh

As J grew he would start to play with his Pooh bear.  The particular Pooh we have has a bell inside his belly so it would rattle around and play tinkle tinkle noises.  J slept in our room until he was 7 weeks old.  J was a grunter and we could not get enough rest while he grunted in his sleep.  So we moved him to the room next to us which is our computer room.

There was really nothing fancy in our computer room, except for the bassinet, changing table, chair, desk, and computer.  But it was where J slept until he was 5 months old.  We then moved him to his room, to his own, real, crib.  My heart broke.  My baby was growing up.

Moving J to his crib was a huge step for me.  I'm not sure how my husband felt about it.  At that time, to me, my husband didn't have the sort of attachment I had with J.  I was breast feeding and still waking J for a midnight feeding.  His bedroom was no longer in the room next to ours.  It was upstairs from us, a whole flight of steps, about 15 steps high.  My heart broke.  But we made sure to keep Pooh with J because I knew that J would wonder where he'd be.  He'd wonder where I'd be.  But did he really?

I think I was the only one with the anxiety.  Maybe I needed my own Pooh bear.  Actually, I still have my teddy that I grew up with in my night stand.  He resides there, all tattered and worn.  He's my teddy.  I still get emotional thinking about how special my teddy is to me. 

Being silly with Pooh bear

Pooh has become that special to my son.  When he sees Pooh he gives him big hugs and smooches.  Pooh still rattles with glee every time my silly putty tosses him around in the crib.  We do keep a few other stuffed animal in the crib with J because there are mornings where he wakes up well before we're ready to get him.  So these toys are there to occupy him and keep him company.  They've become staples to his bedtime scene and when we travel away for the night, we usually take a couple of them with us.  Who knows if J really needs them.  I think its for our own security in knowing he's got a few buddies in his bed and can keep watch over him. 

Pooh also spends the days at daycare and when J sees his Pooh bear he knows it's nap time.  I've been told he giggles with excitement each time and will grab Pooh by his little red shirt (it reads: Baby's 1st Pooh) and J will shove his face into Pooh's belly.  It melts my heart and makes me sad when I hear things like this.  But I am grateful to know Pooh bear is there to comfort my silly putty when I cannot.

A recent nap with Pooh and the other friends

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