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Monday, March 22, 2010

Teething terrors

J's been having a hard time with his teeth cutting through.  His first tooth cut when he was 9 months old and didn't do well with it then.

This past weekend was like having a drooling dog in the house.  We don't have a dog.  But we should.  The amount of drool that came out of his mouth was ridiculous.  (Just cut already!)  He has a couple coming in at the same time so it's hard for him to find relief.  I don't normally like giving him Motrin or Tylenol, unless he's absolutely miserable.  We faced that road last night.

J usually sleeps all night long.  He never wakes up, even when I visit him before I go to bed, if I have to straighten him in his crib because he's all twisted in his blankets.  He doesn't stir.  But last night he woke up screaming, multiple times. 

We waited it out for a few minutes to see if he was looking for his pacifier.  He's good about putting himself back to sleep.  But after a few minutes of listening to him cry and whine in his sleepy state, my husband took on the first visit.  From his report, J was still laying in bed with the nuk nuk in his mouth, looking at the stuffed elephant next to him.  He was crying to the elephant.  My husband said after he rubbed his back and head, J fell back to sleep.  But a few hours later, we all woke up again and it was my turn.

He was sitting there with a blank stare.  I wasn't sure what he needed and didn't want to scoop him up right away.  I tried to talk to him and see what he needed.  But he ended up with me and he had all sorts of energy, I almost thought he wanted to get down and play.  But after a few babbles I realized he was thirsty.  So off to the kitchen for some milk and another dose of Motrin.  Back in his room we cuddled until he settled down and his eyes were droopy.  He didn't fight going back to bed and I knew we'd have a good 6 hours until the Motrin wore off.

Exactly 6 hours later we're all awake again with screaming.  But it was at an hour where we only have 30 minutes until we need to get up for the day.  Luckily J was able to put himself back to sleep this time and our morning went as usual.  It was just another typical night with the teething terrors.

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