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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Homemaker Notebook

I stumbled across Homemaker Notebooks the other day and wondered why I hadn't thought about doing this in my home?  I have lists crammed in my head along with dates and times of doctors appts and library book due dates.  So I started Googling Homemaker Notebooks to get an idea of how others use theirs.  What I found was, there is no rules in designing your own notebook. 

So I wonder, how many people use this method to keep their sanity?  Does it actually work for them? 

I feel compelled to give this notebook a try and so I spent my lunch break today strolling through the local office supply store.  I picked up some basic supplies for my notebook: 3 ring binder, sheet protectors, self sticking tabs, and multi-colored printer paper.  I thought about raiding the supply closet here at work, but I wouldn't have had the luxury of picking fun colors to make my notebook feel customized. 

But I'll need some time to write down all the lists and design the layout for how I want my notebook to appear.  Granted, I'm sure once I start using this I will find things will need to be revised.  And that's OK.  I can be as detailed as I want, or not.  I'm sure my husband will think I'm insane, but secretly he'll love the idea.  He may actually find it helpful and start helping with other chores.  I know for a fact that there are things that I take care of and he has no clue that they're even being done.  But that's OK too because there are chores he does alone too.

I'll share my notebook as things start coming together.  In the meantime, do you have any thoughts or ideas about my new project?

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